Unscene Figment

Twenty page booklet produced for the Unscene Figment performance at the Galerie de Meerse between 11/11/2006 and 24/12/2006. View the full booklet at issuu.com.

Travels in timeless hyper-reality… by Gavin Bennett.

‘Holy scats need no gilding’
(Fegooish Ennym, In Abscentio Abstracts, London 2006)
…not to ask to
shine so near the altered state of the shrine
no difference
thro’ the cryptographs enmeshed in flesh smeared mirrors
a laugh of joy glimmers shimmers reverberates resounds abounds
in constant surprise…
(Fragment of a longer poem)

The painter/poet, performer, photographer, writer, collector, and creative dynamo of the active imagination: Shaun Caton is an outstanding contemporary master yet an atavistic avatar of the timeless metaphysic of the supra aesthetic. Delicious, Delectable, deliriums divine, and define the totemics of the unknowable; each token of this process shows its status as it bursts bathos backwards and blows bubbles where wonder worlds… the dream between intensity of sense and immensity of meaning… authenticity shifts shapes from its disguises to inform the genuine like an ape of matter spirited away to entrance content in the mind/brush dance of one who truly knows…

And our delight in seeing it so beautifully shown.

Uniqueness has no way to face for space becomes timeless so hyper-reality abstracts graced with the disinterested, the subject of objects reappraised, it never fades or fails or ceases when all amazes. And those that really know are greatly distinguished so best to show it hereafter and before.

Site is vision in others placeless consciousness…