Albion is Defunct

Albion is Defunct: Some notes on marginal urban art

There is an irrefutable compulsion with collectors of detritus, to invent stories about their discoveries, to elevate them to another plateau of an almost unbelievable mystique. Collectors share an obsession with foraging; the thrill being in the chance occurrence of …

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Cultural Bric-a-Brac

Growth, like mould, depends on a certain microclimate in which to nurture a culture. When spores are wind-blown, they attach themselves to structures, developing into something of a cluster slightly out of reach. Try as we may to rub and …

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New Offerings

New collages, October 2022.

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Towards the anachronism of figuration

Four new analogue collages, 2022.

Surge Factor(y) part 2

Animation from my recent live performance at VSSL London (June 5th 2021).

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