I have been experimenting with Polaroid photography off and on since 1977. I am always delighted with its unpredictable nature and intense colour saturations, particularly with SX 70 film. The square format is a unique window or frame in which to encapsulate my interests and preoccupations. I am not a straight photographer and have no notion of how to take a good picture or how to create a deliberately contrived image. Instead, I like to play with found objects and materials and create a photographic collage and often employ unexpected interventions and chance occurrences to obtain a fleeting and transitory image. Finally, no matter how much one desires a specific type of image the film and the temperature dictate what effect and result you will get with Polaroid film. Its magic lies in its affinity with early colour photographic processes and its propensity for instability (subject to fading and striations of chemical spotting) all of which go to make a dream like picture.

SX70 Polaroids – Set Two

Still life, images of found objects, Vromolithos Greece, 2006.

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SX70 Polaroids – Set One