Carbon Copy Drawings

Ball point pen on carbon copy paper.

My father gave me a 1950’s carbon copy book with yellowed pages and a loose, battered sheet of blue carbon paper. I did not know what to do with the book for a long time and just doodled in it until in 1999 when I started drawing figures in parks or urban environments jostling one another and moving erratically about in all different directions. With a similarity to prehistoric cave art these drawings are often superimposed due to the fact that the carbon paper slipped and moved about creating a curious tension in this process of drawing and duplicates. I was also enlivened by the soft blue blur of the lines and their ghostly punctuations of my hand movements. The distortions and caricatures of this period were typical of my work and have since evolved or morphed into another visual dynamic that borders somewhere on the hinterland of biomorphic abstraction. I see these drawings as a prototype for a book and they are sequential.